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Which type of MBA is best suitable for you?

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Which type of MBA is best suitable?

The most common and popular MBA programme is the full- time two –year MBA programme. However, there are various type types of MBA programmes that are offered by several institutes.In addition to offering online versus on-campus schooling formats, some B-schools offer only the traditional two-year program while others offer an accelerated one-year format.

Some of MBA programmes which are as follows:

  • Executive MBA: This course is usually offered in a one year format, and is meant for those who have completed at least 10 years as a professional, and are looking for a career advancement by the way of MBA degree.


  • MBA (Part –Time): This course, usually of three-year duration, is aimed at professional who want to gain a MBA degree while working. The course is considered equivalent in rigour to a regular MBA.


  • MBA (Distance Learning): Distance learning courses are preferred by those who want to do a MBA just for qualification and not for the overall exposure. Distance Learning MBAs are offered by quite a few institute in India and abroad.


  • MBA (Full-Time -1 year): One year MBA programme are not common in India, but are still valued by those who do not want to spend an extra year for an MBA.


  • MBA (Online): The online MBA is not as prevalent in India as it is popular in Western word, however in recent year people showing interest as online learning is growing in several sector.




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