Kurukshetra Magzine for UPSC Preparation- Download PDF

Kurukshetra Magzine Pdf

Kurukshetra is a monthly journal published by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. It solely deals with Rural Development. In fact, it serves as a forum for serious discussion of the various issues related to rural development. This will help the candidate to understand about the schemes introduced by the government. This is very useful for Public administration. According to the recent trend in the civil service exam, UPSC is focusing on environment and rural development etc. so reading this will help both in Prelims and Main examination. Kurukshetra Magzine Pdf

To study in a holistic and comprehensive manner, and to write very good answers related to social issues, development etc, I think these two magazines are really helpful.

Advantages of Yojana and Kurukshetra magzine  for UPSC.

  • Authentic & latest information at low cost
  • It’s a government publication and give clear idea about government initiatives, schemes and policies.
  • Wide and in depth coverage of current issues and topics as articles are written by people who are usually experts in their domain.
  • The articles helps one to learn the technique of handling any issue in a balanced manner and how to do constructive criticism.
  • it helps you to cover important part of the syllabus for which no book or any material is available. Like women, education, health etc.
  • From these magazines you can collect important points which can help you in writing essays or answers in mains.
  • Reading these magazines for one year, you will have some idea about the topics important for the exam that year.

Previous year questions

Panchayati raj empowering democracy was discussed in the November 2015 edition. In the same year, General Studies Paper II there was a question on Panchayati raj

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